Trogled, a creative team that was created by collaborating of colleagues and life partners Martina and Nermin Lipovac who share an interest in the field of architecture and design. Projecting, 3D modeling and industrial design have been their field of work for the past 20 years and graphic design intensively over the past 4 years.

Being active on a design contest marketplace website where clients from all around the world can submit their work, brought interesting collaborations with clients from many countries.  You can read about the positive experiences of our clients here.

If you are interested in the services we offer, contact us. We don’t just do the job, we approach it with full attention and dedication so it can easily happen that you get more than you expected.

Nermin Lipovac3D designer
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Nermin devoted his time to research advanced rendering techniques in architectural visualization so his years of experience in 3D modelling are now complemented with photo-realistic results. Nermin's portfolio

Martina Lipovacgraphic designer
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Martina is continually participating in various international design competitions where her works have won numerous awards. That is also serving as her constant source of inspiration for further perfecting in the field of design and new technologies.